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Sparkling Ink is a food & home blog about love for food and simple living. For Tiina, food is all about fresh ingredients in season, having fun in the kitchen and sharing it all with family and friends. Her blog is a place for sharing recipes that inspire her in seasonal cooking and feel-good food, not to forget about recipes for holidays all year round. Working with food and the camera make Tiina happy; and she hopes to share that happiness with you, and bring you to a table of great food and friends.

Launched by Tiina, a project manager, a freelance editor and a blogger living in Finland; Sparkling Ink grew into a home cooking phenomenon in the blogosphere since its launch in 2008. Tiina loves magazines, a good cup of coffee, a full but well-organized calendar, pretty dishes and of course, food. She started documenting delicious kitchen experimentation and an increasing obsession with simple homemade food in this blog. Self-taught in the kitchen, Tiina trained in writing and with the camera, and is simply passionate about living life to its fullest with small pleasures, love and laughter.

Life & Creativity

Tiina lives on the lakeshore with her best friend and fiance, the kindest and funniest guy, Mr. B. They’re quite a team, especially when it comes to cooking. The combination of Scandinavian and American influences on her blog are intended to work as well as they do for Tiina and Mr. B in real life! Before Finland, the pair lived in Toronto, Canada and Michigan, USA. In addition to city life and traveling, Tiina & Mr. B enjoy spending time at the cottage. They also love to entertain guests and have friends over - for them, this blog is an expansion of a group of friends coming together to enjoy food.

The inspiration and creativity shared in the blogging community, by readers and fellow bloggers never fail to amaze Tiina. She admires people who have gone for their dreams, and are doing things they feel passionate about. This is a place where Tiina shares a journey of pursuing things that bring about simple and wholesome joy. Your comments, emails and connections built in the community are the reason why she loves blogging.

More than anything, Sparkling Ink is a food & home cooking blog about the real passion for good food and simple living. Its easy to forget in a world of convenience and fast food that proper, home-cooking is not only a soothing pastime but a great choice for health. However, one has to be careful to follow the correct home cooking recipes for the best healthy options. For Tiina, food is all about fresh ingredients in season, having fun in the kitchen and sharing it all with family and friends. Her cooking is inspired by both of her home cultures, Scandinavian and American. Food makes us happy; and Sparkling Ink is designed with love to share some of that happiness with you.

Delicious & Fresh: Seasonal

Pumpkin ginger cheesecake

Pumpkin flan with spiced pumpkin seeds

Red wine caramel apples

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