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A leading food & home blog, Sparkling Ink has been a source for inspired recipes since 2008. Whilst you'll have to visit Tiina's blog to find the full details, this section of the website is intended to introduce a cross-section of popular home cooking ideas featured on Sparkling Ink through the years.

This material is reproduced in a not-for-profit capacity under a Creative Commons license, and hopefully offers a great taster of the types of delicious sweet & savory inspiration found on Tiina's site over the years.

Mini Pavlovas

Crafted from a recipe including egg whites, sugar, cornflour, vanilla extract, white vinegar and a topping made from whipping cream and fresh berries; these delightful treats are heaven-sent for those with a serious sweet tooth. The fresh berry topping adds a natural and nutritious twist and perfectly complements the texture and crunch of the traditional pavlova.

Apple Tart

This delicious and authentic harvest treat is one of our favorite rustic apple tart recipes. Combining various ingredients including delicious new harvest red apples, a buttery dough for the base, and served with creme fraiche and cinnamon, this apple tart is a warming treat for family gatherings sure to light up the long fall and winter nights.

Blueberry Lemon Crumb Bars

Have you made a pie or pastries that just turned way too wet and mushy? This recipe is different and perfect for frozen blueberries - they turn into a gorgeous, almost jelly like layer with the help of corn starch. They are easy to pack on the go - truly homemade tasting snack bars.

Beet & Tangerine Salad

The citrus fruits are incredible this time of year. Grapefruits, oranges, tangerines. Just seeing a bowl of them can brighten up one's morning. Beet, citrus, red onions and cranberry dressing are perfectly sweet and tangy together. Just what you need for a simple lunch or light dinner. A kind reminder to slow down and enjoy simple things!

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