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September 15, 2010


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Luscious, simply luscious! A ricotta cheesecake like this is perfection - I love the flavor of ricotta in desserts - and the blackberries are fantastic. I have wanted to make something like this but only know one place in Nantes that sells blackberries (my favorite!) and very expensive. But now I must! Beautiful!!!


That looks amazing. The rich ricotta with the slightly tart blackberries I'm sure would work a treat. Love the photos & the blog:)


Mmm, ricotta and blackberries, what a great combo! Do you deliver? :) Ok, it looks quite easy to make, so I should give it a try.

Tengo un horno y se como usarlo

I could have eaten all your blackberries (an the tart, by the way). The photos make them jump from the screen directly to my mouth.

Maria @ ScandiFoodie

Baking is definitely therapy! I need some kitchen therapy every day, makes me get through the week easier ;-) This is such a lovely tart!


Yum, yum, yum! I haven't been this excited about a dessert in a long time!


Your egg photo is so lovely! Is that a table or a piece of wood?


Hi Tiina!
I'm very happy to have found your foodblog!
Simple posts, amazing photos. A bit problem with recipes, since I use grams... ;-)
I always bake cakes but I never tried to prepare a tart with a shortcrust... but this post inspired me to try!



Thank you for the sweet comments, friends!

Sasa, it's a wooden box from my dad's childhood home. It's originally from a factory and later on used as a box for potatoes in the cellar. It's very dear to me.

Nico, the type of crust works beautifully with the filling. It gives the tart a cookie like flavor. So glad you found your way here!


what a lovely looking tart tiina! been waiting for this since you mentioned it! perfect! it's got me inspired!

Anna Emilia

It looks so good that I try to make it to a vegan version. And a raspberry version.

Thank you for visiting my small weather diary, it made the cloudy Monday suddenly very sunny!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake

This looks absolutely gorgeous, I really must make something with blackberries this season before they disappear.


Meeta, Anna Emilia and Sarah - it's so nice to read your comments! Thank you, ladies!


So beautiful. It seems like it would be the perfect summer to fall transition tart.


What a perfect simple recipe! I'm crazy about ricotta and it's such a great idea to combine it with blackberries!


the tart looks amazing!!


Yummy, I love the idea of using ricotta cheese, so creamy and delicious!


Love the tart! Your photos are stunning!

Brad Fallon

Blackberry anything is amazing but your tart looks delicious! I love the idea of using ricotta.


I can HONESTLY say ive never had this before...Mmmm! :))))))))



Beautiful tart!


Friends, you overwhelm me with your kindness. Thank you all!


Näyttää kerrassaan niin herkullisen ihanan hyvältä että!

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