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June 21, 2010


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joe natale

very nice!!!..interesting plate...joe


omg i have to make this salad soon. it looks fantastic!


I really like this dish. Everything can be prepared in advance and then assembled. Great for a weeknight or lunch over the weekend. :)

Juls @Juls' Kitchen

Men! this is truly inspiring! Happy beginning to you too!


Your salad looks beautiful! A great way to start off summer.


This salad looks so fresh and summery -it is how I like to eat year around!!! I do love summer. Gorgeous photographs -I hope you have a great USA holiday.


OMG this salad loks so delicious! I can't wait to make it.


Thank you for the wonderful comments! I love to return to the blog a day after publishing a post, and find all the lovely people here. Thank you, friends!!

Tracy, that is exactly what makes the recipe so great. You can have everything ready in the fridge, and plate the salad just before serving.

Thanks, Leslie! I'm sure the vacation in the States will be lots of fun. I'll write a few posts when I'm there to share it with you:)


Looks so delicious. I will make it today. For sure. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



Tina, what I lovely salad! Exactly my type of salad.Perfect for this time of the year. It is a bit like a finish nicoise salad. Fabulous. another item to my list. the herb dressing particularly appeals to me. talk about seasonality.


gorgeous colors!


I am going to make this tonight...been looking around for something and this is it...thanks! XOXOX


Looks delish -- sort of a Scandinavian Salade Nicoise.

I think you mean a salmon "filet" and to "halve" the potatoes.

Also, a tip -- you can cook the potatoes and eggs in the same pot of water. Only one pot to heat and clean!


Thanks for the sharp eyes - I will correct the spelling right away:) Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment - lovely to hear from you!

Ann Marie

That looks fabulous!


Love your blog, so fresh - I've just found you through The Kitchn. Just added you to my reader.


Thank you, Ann Marie!

Hi Liz, I'm so happy you found your way here. Nice to meet you!

chanel Purses

Thatknow how those last days before a holiday are - things just tend to pile up. It'll feel good to check things off the to-do-list this week!spring yard and garden work are my excuses for not blogging since... April 13th. Sheesh.. joy 2-21


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