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June 10, 2010


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Jeanne @ CookSister!

Lovely to meet you at Food Blogger Connect - and a pity that we did not get a chance to chat! Hope you found our talks useful (although it was Kerrin who spoke about freelancing, not Julia :)). Gorgeous photos that really captured the mood of the weekend - roll on FBC'11!


I'm so incredibly sad that I missed this event. I've happened upon a number of those blogs (in addition to yours, of course, which I LOVE), so I've sort of been lurking around the community. Can't wait for FBC 2011. I recently took a hiatus from my own blog (http://www.gastropolitico.blogspot.com), but I'm back and eager to jump head first into the food blogger world. Also, keep up the delicious meat recipes!

Daily Spud

Gosh - didn't London look great last weekend! Lovely to meet you at FBC - I'm still struggling to get back into my regular routine :)


Gorgeous London shots! It was so nice to meet you. Will we see you at FBC11? Or maybe before? =)

Bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets)

So lovely to meet you Tina! Would have been nicer if we had even longer... we ended up loosing you guys that Sunday :(

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and your photography is outstanding. I'll be back here often.

P.S- I love everything about that Scandanavian beach house. Did you stay there? Lucky you, if so!

Juls @ Juls' Kitchen

One of my roommate!! I was really really *really* happy to have met you at Sari's and to ahve had the chance to share such an amazing experience!
One again, I love your photos!


Hi,forgot how i connected to your lovely blog. I love your photos, ideas and passion to food and living soooooo much. Will keep following you anyway...^^ (By the way, I'm from Taiwan. Have you ever been to this small but lively island?)


Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! I'd love to attend one day, and have a chance to spend time in London again. A girl can dream...


Jeanne, thanks for stopping by! As a freelancer, I actually found Julia's tips very useful as well - publishing and freelancing share a lot of same kind of issues and ideas. She was a really inspiring speaker! Helpful lectures over all - great stories and experiences shared!

Julie, thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you're back blogging - I'm looking forward to seeing you in the blogland!

Daily Spud, yeah - wasn't London just lovely with all the sunny days and great company, of course! I'm so glad we had a chance to meet in person!

Mowie and Bethany, thank you so much! It was great to meet you!

Juls, thank you! Miss you!!

Fanny, I'm so happy to hear you like it! I have never been to Taiwan. I'm sure I'd love it!

Nicole, it was a wonderful weekend. The best memories are from meeting so many lovely bloggers. I had never met so many fellow food bloggers! It was actually my first time in London - what a fascinating city!


What a lovely write-up. Thank you so much for your kind words x

Heather Davis

Hi! What a great write up & the photos are just beautiful. We briefly spoke on Saturday about multicultural relationships & accents. I look forward to more chats via the blogosphere. Hx


Heather, it was so much fun to meet you in person. Lets keep in touch in the blogosphere!

Julia, thank you for a great conversation and inspiration!


Tina, I loved meeting you. you are a very warm and friendly person. It was such a great weekend. I am still on a high and I love reading everybody's account of the weekend. Your London shots are fabulous. different angles . hope to see you again in 2011. On sunday I will start my English language blog so that you all can read it. I have saved your blog link and will be coming back here many times. Have a great weekend.

Sarah, Maison Cupcake

Hallo Tiina, I finally get around to sitting down and making a proper comment on your beautiful blog even though I first saw it a few days ago and was over-awed by how stylish and pretty it is.

I'm so pleased we got to spend some time together on the Saturday at FBC and I hope you enjoyed your first trip to London and have brought plenty of inspiration home. It's such a pity we ended up losing each other on Sunday but I'm glad you had the chance to see the river and hope you made it to Anthropologie in the end.

I will definitely be back!


Valentina, thank you for the lovely comment! It was great meeting you in London! I really look forward reading your English blog - I think it has great potential!

Thanks, Sarah! You really made me smile big with all those sweet things you said! Im so glad we met, and I really enjoy your blog as well. See you soon again!


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