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May 18, 2010


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Oh, YUM! I have to try this recipe. I love everything with fresh spinach leaves. This salad sounds divine. I like the addition of roasted pecans.


Ooh, lovely. I don't eat bacon but this looks wonderful. I might try it with some gorgonzola or something to add that salty flavour.

Patricia Scarpin

Look at the colors of that salad!
So beautiful!


I've been making efforts to eat mostly vegetarian, but I always make exceptions for my mom's warm bacon salad. This one looks great too!


Don't think I have ever tried adding lime juice to my spinach salad but, thanks to your post and the beautiful photos I will...maybe tonight!


Gorgeous recipe, even more gorgeous photograph. I'm a newbie commenter, but I've been reading your blog for a while and come to conclusion that Sparkling Ink is the most beautiful and inspiring fashion/food/lifestyle blog in Finland. Honestly.

But I have a dilemma should I read your Finnish blog if I'm already happy with SI... So um, are you going to publish different articles there as well or is it just a translated version of SI?

PS: please could you recommend some design and home decor web shops (preferably Finnish)? I'm going to move at the end of the month and I want to make my new home as lovely as possible.


Thank you for the lovely comments, friends!

Ele, gorgonzola or even aged gouda would be yummy with this salad.

Robin, I actually used lime juice for the first time with this recipe. I usually only add white wine vinegar but thought I would try to replace part of it with some other acidity. I loved it!

Kafi, thanks for leaving your first comment, and such a sweet one too! Hearing from you guys really make my day! That's a good question about the two blogs. If you've been reading Sparkling Ink and are perfectly happy reading the content in English, Fanni & Kaneli will not offer much new in that case since F&K will be sharing most of its content with SI. I'm planning to use some of my favorite SI recipes on F&K in the near future, so you might have seen them already here. When I post a recipe on SI, I will post it on F&K in Finnish as well. I might occasionally post a Finnish holiday related recipe only on F&K when its only current in Finland, such as May Day.

When it comes to the conversational part of the text, it naturally wont be exactly the same since I'm talking to my Finnish audience instead of my international friends. F&K and SI are planned for separate audiences, so reading both will be mostly repetition. You can choose which language you prefer to read, and if you have a chance to quickly stop by the other blog sometimes, just to make sure you're not missing anything. I'm so glad you've enjoyed it here!


Kafi, oops - I almost forgot your other question! We have bought a lot basic furniture for our home from Ikea, and just added pretty little details for personality. I have found a lot of things for my freelance home articles and also for our home from stores like Villa Harmonie http://www.villaharmonie.fi/ Livinki http://www.livinki.fi/ Ihan Pieni Putiikki http://www.ihanpieniputiikki.fi/ and Pino http://www.pino.fi/ Happy decorating!


So it's finally warm over there if you're eating such lovely salads? Austria is still FREEZING! Apparently this was the coldest May in recorded history in London, oof.


Hi, Sasa! The summer temps finally arrived after a cold spring. Love the heat!


Yummy :))))
thank you . I think that I will try this. :)))
for sure.
thank you.


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